Sarah’s View : PSC – Fellow Carter MOVE edition

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artwork for this piece was designed by the one and only Sarah Kiehle : get a view into her perspective from the inside of the shop, from our roomie Runologie’s side. There’s a lot going on here, just like the shop itself. Find a few little easter eggs and memories of Pine State Coffee hangs. Set on a lavender background, it’s quite the cozy lil mug, ain’t it?

from Fellow:

We never understood why to-go tumblers made design decisions that compromised the coffee drinking experience. The senses–taste, smell, and touch–were ignored, while durability and extreme heat retention were prioritized.

Why not both?

Meet Carter Move Mug, a travel mug finally worthy of the coffee inside. Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and slim width, you can now enjoy coffee at its fullest on-the-go.

Materials: 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic lid, inner ceramic coating


From PSC:

This mug rips. If you like a vessel that keeps your hot coffees like, mega hot, and your icy coffees like icy cold, this is it. Trail tested, it’ll keep your iced coffees freezy for HOURS. And your hot coffee able to burn your tongue for hours. Like, a whole day (cold much longer than hot, anecdotally – official claim is 12hrs hot/24hrs cold). Why you wouldn’t drink your coffee before then is beyond us, but we checked it out for you just to be sure. Fits in your bottle cage on your favorite bici for maximum adventure fun times!!!