Ecuador – Juan Pena Experimental



This coffee hails from producer Juan Pena on his 28 acre farm, Hacienda La Papaya, located in the mountains of Loja, Ecuador. Juan and his team anaerobically ferment and wash this coffee before allowing it dry on raised beds.

For the execution of this crop, Juan experiments with an extended fermentation technique that brings out the exceptional berry notes that we typically associate with natural processed coffees.  However, this coffee is pulped then fermented and washed in a more traditional style, which highlights the skills Juan and his crew exhibit in growing and producing.

We were incredibly stoked to discover this coffee and get a chance to roast it up here at the shop in Raleigh.  We landed on a light roast technique  which produces an incredibly complex cup featuring notes of chocolate, candied berries, and beautiful floral accents. Hints of strawberry bons bons cannot escape our palate! Just like grabbing those delicious hard candies out of that weird glass ashtray/candy holder! You know EXACTLY what we’re talking about!

If you are looking for a coffee that will inspire you to get a little weird in your day to day program, this one will put you on the right path! Our preferred brewing method for this coffee is a flat bottom brewer, utilizing 75grams for 1.25 Liter pot.  The complexity yields a fantastic shot of espresso by itself – blend with milk to add to delicate body or enjoy as a total chocolatey fruit bomb!