Ethiopia Sidamo – GUJI

Single Origin Light Roast


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Ethiopia Sidamo - GUJI

An incredibly exciting coffee from our friends at De La Finca Coffee, this anaerobic natural is an excellent example of how new processing methods lend themselves to new roasting techniques to achieve incredible flavors from specialty coffees.

The double fermentation is a relatively new practice that yields clean fruit and chocolate notes from this coffee from San Jose, Honduras. The anaerobic process here limits the amount of oxygen and microbes present in the fermentation stage that affect the final flavor of the cup.

Head Roaster Larz was very excited to dial this one in, using different methods to bring out chocolatey, candied fruit notes that last until the end of the cup. Pineapple, passionfruit, and guava are heavily present but blend well with a sweet chocolate finish. The acidity level of this coffee is high but not overbearing, a great cup to kick off the morning outside!