Costa Rica – Cordillera de Fuego – Don Luis Campos

Single Origin Light Roast


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Costa Rica - Cordillera de Fuego - Don Luis Campos

This lightly roasted Costa Rican coffee from the producer, exporter, and roaster: Cordillera de Fuego, located in Alajuela has quickly become one of our favorites at the shop. Operators Jose Francisco Fernandez Arias and Luis Eduardo Campos Varela have pioneered the thermic (termico) process which this coffee undergoes.

Their thermic process involves harvesting the cherries at their ripest which allows the sugar content to be the highest, necessary for feeding the thermic process. Similar to the honey process, these cherries are partially washed, however, this is where the similarities end! With part of the mucilage still intact the cherries are then introduced to a heat source that starts to break down the sugars and partially caramelize them. This yields a ridiculously sweet cup with a lot fruit, berry, and floral notes that has got the Pine State Party Squad lightin’ fires and spinnin’ tires!