Bean Box

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  • Brazil

    Natural processed, peaberry coffee from Brazil is one of our favorite light/medium roasts that still holds onto nice chocolate and nutty flavor notes, with a hint of citrus and buttery smooth body. This low acid light roast is a fan favorite throughout the year.

  • Papua New Guinea

    Offered year round. Papua New Guinea was one of the regions our roaster Larz first fell in love with, and has taken a lot of time perfecting this medium roast representation of coffee from Kuta Kofi. Delicate black tea notes are accompanied by juicy plum and soft caramel, making this an excellent coffee for that afternoon pick-me-up, or all day early energy!

  • Honduras La Concepcion

    Produced by Manuel Pereira, we have been roasting this honey process coffee from the Marcala region since we had the pleasure of meeting Manuel through one of our suppliers, De La Finca Coffee here in NC. Another of our year round offerings, this dark roast coffee has notes of dark honey and sweet caramel with a nice heavy body. Perfect for dreary and cold mornings!

  • Mexico Chiapas

    Mexico Chiapas is one of our favorite coffees to keep around for espresso beverages we pair with milk at the shop. This coffee packs excellent body with notes of chocolate, citrus, and malt – and is excellent prepared in a wide range of methods.